Birth Quilt

I enjoy this co-creative experience, which is founded on compassion, love and a splash of fun. In addition to my role as a birth doula, I greet souls as they are born and remind them that they are omniscient, omnipotent & omnipresent beings. Hearing my first cosmic “hello” is something I’ll never forget .

  • USUI System of Natural Healing level 1 REIKI 2007
  • Psychic Horizons Meditation & Healing Course 2009
  • Dolphin Method Doula Training 2011
  • Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy 2011
  • Spinning Babies Workshop 2015
  • 13 years experience
  • 340+ Births
  • One Client per Month
  • Bilingual English-French

Abstract Quilt

I see this invitation to honor a soul’s journey and provide support with harmonizing the Devine nature of love.

  • DONA International, Bereaved: Supporting the Family and Ourselves through Loss and Trauma 2016
  • INELDA End of Life Doula Training 2023
  • Mission Hospice & Home Care Direct Volunteer Training 2023

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